Best software/poker client

It really should be no surprise that when it comes to looking at the best poker software on the Internet, one needs to look no further than the largest poker website online. This poker site is Pokerstars, the software of which we speak is privately owned and developed and is without question the best of the best when it comes to online poker software. The software is easy to use, very stable, pleasing to the eye and in addition it is very fast and you can customize it to suit your playing tastes. It is also very capable of providing all the functionality needed by multi-tabling players. Due to the fact that Pokerstars is continuously growing, the software is also continuously updated with improvements on a regular basis to be able to handle the hundreds of thousands of money players during the peak operating hours. Most recently, a Mac compatible version of the superb gaming software was released making it easier for Mac operators to play directly on their PowerBooks rather than having to utilize third-party software emulators.

Statistics Galore on Pokerstars Software

Pokerstars software also offers all the statistic functions you could possibly be looking for online. When you enter the lobby you can view all the selected games, find different players, the table where they are seated, and the amount of chips they have in front of them. You can also see who is waiting in the lobby and what tables there wishing to join. Hand by hand data is available during live money play and you can ask to have the information downloaded to be able to analyze the data for different players. If that is not enough you can look back on the past 200 hands to see exactly how they were played. There are notes on the other players and all the other usual statistics available for different hands.

Multi-tabling at Pokerstars

Pokerstars software once again shows why it is the best when it comes to multi-tabling for Texas Holdem online. You can tile or cascade up to 24 different cash games at one single time. You also have the ability to place an unlimited amount of tournament were SitnGo’s, thus giving players the ability to see just how many tables they can play at a time. While playing these multi-tables you will not find any deposit in the action or delay in the streaming, Pokerstars make sure you are online playing experience remains worthy of its award-winning software.

Pokerstars has Outrageous Graphics

When it comes to graphics, once again Pokerstars leads the industry with the system having sharp as well as customizable graphics interface. Because of the high level of customize Asian each player can have its own look and feel depending on their own level of expertise. You even have the ability to upload your own customizable avatar or eliminate the look of avatars altogether so there is no more need to play at a table full of cats and dogs. Take your customized table layout at to it any of the available backgrounds and you can have it looking as if you are playing in your own living room. Pokerstars software look and feel is only limited by your graphic creation ability and imagination. Pokerstars also offers special features and on a weekly basis, you will find new features being added. Pokerstars now features zoom poker, which allows players to be redirected to a table where they can play the next hand immediately upon folding. Keyboard shortcuts allow a replay of recent hands without even having to leave the table. There is not a feature you need at Pokerstars is not thought of and they are way ahead of the curve. When you talk about the best online software for playing poker hands down, Pokerstars goes to great lengths to make sure there is no one else on the web compare to what they offer. To download your Pokerstars software and create an account click here to sign-up using bonus code: PSAxxxx