Playing mostly SNG - which bonus to choose?

We compared and advised good poker bonuses for tournament players in this article. While Sit & Go's are also tournaments, they are quite different. You'll rake way more by playing Sit & Go's than you will ever do by playing scheduled tournaments! This is mainly because Sit & Go's last for a way shorter period of time, thus you can play more of them and generate more rake.

Sit&Go's have gotten really hard and tough to beat in last few years. Games up to $22 stakes are quite lively, but anything over is pretty much regular players only. This increases the importance of bonuses and promotional money even more. Don't forget that rake is usually 10% of the buy-in at low-mid stakes games. What this means in terms of ROI ? You'll need to have an edge of 10% over your table just to break-even! Now imagine that you get a return of 40% from bonuses and promotions. Instead of breaking even, you now have a positive ROI of 4% after bonuses. How does this translate to money earned? Having a 4% ROI will earn you $4 for every $100 in buy-ins paid.

Bet365 bonus

Bet365 offers a 200% bonus of up to $1000 to all new customers – in order to release the full bonus amount, you have to deposit $500. Bonus is instantly credited to your account and is released in $10 increments every time you earn 1,000 Merit Points. Merit Points are earned every time you play for real money at Bet365 tables. When playing SNG tournaments, Merit Points are earned at a rate of 15 points per $1 in rake. 1000 Merit Points translates to $66 in SNG tournament fees, so the value of this bonus is equal to approximately 15% of your rake paid.

On top of the regular deposit bonus players will also receive extra cash from the Bet365's VIP program. VIP program is based on Merit Point acquisition – the more you play, the more Merit Points you'll earn. Obviously, your VIP program will also be higher. Afterwards Merit Points can be exchanged for Cash. Be sure to save these long enough, as highest rewards will give higher value in terms of percents. Rewards start from $50 and go all the way up to $165,000 for 5 Million Merit Points!

And then, there are the Jackpot SNGs at Bet365. Win five in a row, and crack a huge jackpot of up to $75.000!

All in all, Bet365 is an excellent choice. They have a great poker room, plus excellent online casino and the best sportsbetting section of all poker providers. Click here to join Bet365, and for the full $1000 bonus, use bonus code COACH when signing up.

SNGs at Pokerstars

PokerStars is also a great place to play SNG's at. It's the largest and most action packed site, whether you are looking for Cash-Game or tournament action. PokerStars offers SNG tournaments in 6max and full-ring formats. There are also several variations of the game offered, such as hyper turbo, turbo, regular and multi-table tournaments. Even at levels as high as $200 per SNG, you don't have to wait too long until a table is full. At that level, there are some pros waiting for you, and you should play your best game.

At the lower levels (up to $60 buy-in), the games are much easier to beat, and you can multitable up to 4 SNGs at any time of the day. That is the Pokerstars advantage - lots of players and action at the World's biggest room.

As for the bonuses, PokerStars welcomes all new players using their bonus link with a 100% of up to $600 first deposit bonus. Use marketing code PSA2075 first, then bonus code STARS600, when making a deposit. Your first three deposits will qualify for a bonus, so it's possible to deposit $200 three times and still get the full bonus amount. You'll have 6 months from your first deposit, to clear the full $600 bonus. Bonus is cleared at a rate of $1 per 17 VPP's and will be released in $10 increments every time you earn 170 VPP's. VPPs are earned at a rate of 5.5VPP's per $1 in SNG tournament rake. PokerStars first deposit bonus is worth approximately 33%, which is definitely solid, as this sums up with PokerStars VIP program, which is one of the most generous in online poker.