Lotto Numbers Strategies

Many regular players of the Lotto will choose their favorite numbers through personal selection. The birth dates of their children and partner are common, but this merely limits the range from 1 to 31. Others, with a more serious agenda of winning, will actually select the range of numbers to those most commonly drawn.

There are many ways to look up the statistics of the most commonly drawn numbers, least drawn numbers and those digits that are well overdue to be selected.
The larger the time frame you base your search parameters on, the better. But in truth, previous performances count for nothing. A lottery is random and follows no real pattern, so why do we seek a way of choosing the winning numbers?

In a range of Lotto numbers going from 1 to 49, every single number would have an equal chance of being drawn. It is a lucky dip, a game of chance and a lottery. Basing your numerical choices of certain numbers to be drawn is not going to give you any real edge at all.

The lotto organizers know this. It has since devised a system where players can use a lucky dip. Where a computer selects the numbers at random for you. But players like to think they are in control and that they are the ones who have come up with the ingenious plan of victory.

Many players actually select the same numbers each and every week. This means they dare not miss out on a week, for fear of that draw producing the very numbers as the winning combination - when they have failed to actually play that week.

Many people have lucky numbers: in China, for example, the number 8 is considered lucky and brings good fortune. When China hosted the Olympic Games in 2008, the competition began on the eighth day of the eighth month (08/08/2008). The nation came second in the table that year and busted so many world records.
Some cultures have considered the number 7 as lucky. There is a strange fascination with the magical number of 23, and it is not uncommon for this digit to be selected as a favorite lottery selection choice.

But of course, there are still many who select the range of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 as their favorite spread of numbers. Although they have no more victorious moments than the rest of us.