Best value for money lotteries

When you decide to buy a lottery ticket, you should always explore all options available to you. You may live in an area where the local lottery seems to be your only option. But in fact, you have more options than you may think. Nowadays, getting a lotto ticket for any lottery, even those held in countries far away from you, is easy thanks to online lottery services like . More on that later.

Now you are looking at a number of choices, but which one will you pick? Obviously, you want to get the best value for your money. So first of all, you should be looking at the price you have to pay for your ticket. Second, the size of the top prize is important. And then there is the question of how many numbers the lottery has in total, and how many numbers you have to pick correctly to win the top prize. 

Price of ticket

The ticket price is more or less constant. Most lotteries have a price of either $1 or $2 per ticket. When you play foreign lotteries online, that price usually goes up to app. $4, the reason for that being the administrative expenses for getting a personalized ticket for every online order, then scanning that ticket and sending it to you (or uploading it to your customer account). 

Jackpot size

If all other factors are a constant, the size of the jackpot is the determining factor if you want to pick the lottery with the best value for money. It's as simple as that. This means that if you have to pay $4 instead of $2, then it is still a better deal to pay twice the price if the jackpot is at least more than double of the jackpot you can win if you buy a ticket locally at a price of $2.

But in reality the big international jackpots are often 5-10 times higher than what you local/national lottery offers, so even with a $4 ticket prize, you are getting a great deal playing online.

What about the mathematical probabilities?

Of course, those play a role. But the nature of the jackpot is that when the mathematical probability of getting all the numbers right is lower, there is a greater chance of the jackpot growing to be larger and larger. The reason for theis is simple: Jackpots grow because they are not being won for several weeks. So the jackpot size is a direct function of the difficulty to get the correct numbers. Which means we are back to the fact that the jackpot amount should be the decisive factor.

So which lotteries have the biggest jackpots?

Since online tickets are available for all of the really big lotteries, the three lotteries you should look at first are Powerball and MegaMillions (both from the USA) and Euromillions. Below, we have added a widget that always shows the highest jackpots, ordered by size. We suggest that at any time, you just go for the lotto jackpot that is currently the largest.

Powerball Lottery

This lottery is a lottery with a long tradition of huge jackpots, very often in excess of $500 Million, and rarely below $50 Million. More information on that lottery can be found here.

Megamillions Lottery

Also based in the US, this lottery is Powerball's biggest competitor, with similar numbers and jackpot sizes. Read this article for details on MegaMillions.


This lottery has a jackpot that is alway in excess of €15 Million, and is capped at €190 Million. That seems to be much lower than the US jackpots, but here are two upsides to playing Euromillions: First, the odds of winning the top prize are more in your favor here, and second, when the jackpot is capped at €190 Million, the top prize will be paid out even without a ticket that has all number correctly - as a matter of fact, it might be enough to just have 5 correct numbers without the two extra numbers and you still get the jackpot (or a fraction of it, depending on how many winners there might be. Find out more about this lottery here.