How to play poker online with Bitcoin

Bitcoin has started to pop out everywhere. Wherever you turn on the internet, there is a banner for Bitcoin purchasing, Bitcoin shopping, Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin gambling… For better or worse, the Bitcoin is slowly becoming a commercially used currency.
The biggest application for the Bitcoin at the moment seems to be in the online gambling world for online bitcoin poker, bitcoin casinos, sportsbooks etc. As you may know, not everywhere online gambling is legal. The governments use all kinds of methods to restrict access to gambling sites, among which blocking bank transactions involving standard currencies.

This is where the Bitcoin comes to rescue. Because it’s a cryptocurrency, one that does not exist physically, one that is decentralized and not owned by any country, transactions involving bitcoins are hard to control, from which a complete freedom rises for poker players.

What Is It Like at a Bitcoin Poker Site?

If you have ever played online poker, you should be right at home at Bitcoin poker sites. The quality may vary from site to site, but the basic principle is the same.
Not long ago, the software used for Bitcoin poker games was a little more rudimentary. It wasn’t like any modern online poker technology that we are used to seeing at standard poker websites. However, even that is slowly changing as poker software companies start to see Bitcoin wagering more seriously, which has caused an adaptation of their games for Bitcoin poker sites. So, essentially you get to see almost the same attractive games.

How to Play

In most cases you will see a no-download option. This means that the Bitcoin poker games can be played in your browser. This makes it easier for mobile players to enjoy Bitcoin poker too, since the websites are usually optimized for mobiles. It’s a very convenient way of playing because all you need is a device with a browser installed.
However, the no-download option usually has its limitations, so Bitcoin poker sites have started introducing a download option intended for desktop and laptop computers. This way you can play multiple tables at the same time and enjoy more benefits like accessing the Bitcoin poker room through a shortcut on your desktop.
There are also those mainstream poker sites that have added Bitcoin as an alternative option to standard currencies only recently. Those sites have a very good software and games, but since they accept other currencies too, they may not provide access to players where gambling is illegal.

Which is better?

If you are looking for a way to play online poker without being obstructed by the authorities and financial institutions through transaction blocking or money seizure, Bitcoin online poker is without a doubt better. It’s why some players use only bitcoins to play their favorite gambling games online.
If you are just curious about Bitcoin gambling with no real need for it, stick to your dollars, euros, pounds or whatever your native currency is until you get the hang of the Bitcoin.