Sports betting

Many a poker player also try their luck at sports betting from time to time. Both activities have one thing in common, namely the fact that there is a considerable amount of skill involved. In the case of sports betting, the luck factor may be a little stronger compared to poker though.

In any case, when you plan to try and make money with your sports bets, you may want to choose a sport that you have personal experience in. There is not need for you to be a former professional though. At the very least, you should be very familiar with the sport. Let's say you want to bet on soccer - in this case, it would be best to place bets on fixtures on your local (national) soccer league. Be sure to follow the action week after week, find information on details such as recent injuries, which shape the more important players of each team are in, and of course the latest results.

Where to get more information

If you need general information on gambling, check out - a site with info on all kinds of gambling activities. If you need more specific information about betting on a sports activity, you could simply google "basketball betting tips" or similar. Some sites specialize in picking promising bets for you, but their approach is often kind of mathematical and does not very often work for the bettor.

Better suited for your needs are sites that give you generic info about the sport, like soccer news sites and such. One sports website I particularly like is www.tennisbet,net, a website run by a guy who used to be a high-level coach as well as a player on the ATP tour. He writes great articles about how to watch a tennis match and predict what is going to happen next, or how player type A might perform against player type B, as well as about tactical aspects of the game.

Betting during a game

Instead of just placing a bet on whatever team (or player) you think is going to win, there is the option of in-game betting. Bet365 is the betting site where this works best because of the great number of options to bet during a live game. Check them out here.

What we suggest is that you don't start betting right away. Watch the game for a while first and get a feel for it, and only then pick a bet that promises a good risk to reward ratio.Be sure to watch the odds offered by the sportsbook, since they will change frequently, depending on how the match is going.

The good thing about this type of betting is that there is no limit to the number of betting opportunities, and of course it makes watching a game so much more interesting. That said, remember the number one rule of gambling: never invest money that you cannot afford losing!